Our product has some variation like any other spring, our spring wire size is 9 gauge. Measurements in the over all size is an approximation, springs with larger wire size or over all dimension can be manufactured at customers request feel free to contact us at any time (562) 618-4655


"Springs are designed to go in the structure of the seat and back of a chair for support for you to sit on. They give both the seat and back a little give so it is not too solid to sit on. Springs are a traditional way of upholstering. A lot of furniture manufacturers now use the modern way of creating seats and backs with foam which still gives some give but is a faster way of producing furniture. If you are upholstering an old piece of furniture which springs have seen better days, or if you are creating a completely new piece of furniture, we have a range of upholstery springs to give your furniture that extra lift. Our springs are .148 thick which refers to the thickness of the steel wire. We have a number of different sizes so you can create your seat or furniture at the height that suits you. If you are have any questions about our upholstery springs and how they work, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team who can offer advice.


Founded in 2017, Upholsterysprings.com mission is to give people the power to build beautiful and comfortable furniture with our product, and bring the world a better product that you our customer put together with your own hands. People use Upholsterysprings.com because of our product and professionalism. Upholsterysprings.com started in 2017 selling springs only in person and now this website helps customers make the orders online in 2-3 minutes because we know time is valuable.

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